Winning weight You Toon

Pete Lien of Edgerton is this week’s You Toon winner.Congrats, Pete!

His caption about Donald Trump’s physical exam beat out more than 150 entries.

Lien wins publication of his line with today’s finished cartoon. He also will receive a signed print by artist Phil Hands.

Runners-up and their suggested captions include:

Jo Ann Berg

  • of Mount Horeb: “No, tweeting is not considered a cardio workout.”

Jake Altwegg

  • of Madison: “While the president benefits from good genes, it’s obvious he also needs bigger jeans.”

Linda Poindexter

  • of Branford, Florida: “He is in amazingly good health for someone whose exercise plan consists only of running his mouth.”

Thanks to all participants. We’ll play again next Sunday with a fresh cartoon and empty caption.