Lady Bird visits Lone Rock

Lady Bird Johnson, center, tours a Lone Rock farm in September, 1967, about 50 miles west of Madison in Richland County.


This State Journal editorial ran on Sept. 22, 1967:

Welcome to Wisconsin, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson.

We can think of no state that can give more impetus to your beautification program. We have fresh air, sparkling streams, spacious skies, amber fields of grain, green pasture, woodlands and hills. We have thriving agriculture and industry, stimulating tourist trade, and invigorating climate, political and otherwise.

Something like Texas, only a bit smaller.

Your daughters now have affection for Wisconsin men or once-Wisconsin men, so you should be familiar with some of our characteristics.

We have a balanced economy and balanced politics. You’ll hear talk about La Follettes and their estimable contribution to the state and the nation. You might — or might not — know that Wisconsin also claims the birthplace of the Republican Party, at Ripon, which sometimes in national elections takes on aspects of the Alamo.

We’re known as the Badger state, because the early lead miners made temporary homes in the hillsides. We haven’t buried our heads since, except now and then after an election.

Bucky Badger, a lovable tough little fellow, is the mascot of the University of Wisconsin, whose boundaries have become the world’s. Vince Lombardi is the symbol of the Green Bay Packers. ...

We hope you have time to try some of our offerings — Monroe’s fine cheese, our other dairy products, meat from our farms (we don’t call ’em ranches), the fruits and garden produce, and even, if you wish, a glass of Milwaukee beer. (You probably will be offered some of the latter. The beer people are great lobbyists.) ...

Mostly you will find a friendly folk who, with visitors, like to confine their politics to the ballot box. When we say welcome, we mean it, just as they do in Texas.