If I hear the phrase “assault weapon” during a gun debate, I know the debater knows nothing about firearms.

The debater then usually doubles down on his lack of knowledge by telling everyone within earshot that he’s not against hunting.

What the supposed expert bloviates about is actually just a semiautomatic rifle, and just about every gun company builds one. As for hunting, one of the finest examples is the Browning BAR Safari, usually offered in claro walnut.

To demonstrate the ignorance of these comments, I’d like to take an AR-15 apart, and then the Browning, laying the parts side by side. I can hear the stuttering and stammering now when the genius sees the parts are identical. And by the way, the Browning is even magazine-fed, which is the proper term, not “clip.”

After years of hearing these dog-whistle arguments, I’ve come to believe liberals should stick to stuff they know, like welfare increases, sit-ins, and smarmy bumper stickers. When it comes to anything mechanical, the device should be taken from their hands, lest they hurt themselves.

Chico Buller, Sun Prairie