If you read the well-researched book “God’s Bankers,” by historian Gerald Posner, you can walk away from the Catholic Church secure in the knowledge that they have no moral high ground. It is a completely amoral institution.

The book follows the Vatican bank from its inception. It describes in well-documented detail how it profited from fascism in Italy, supported Nazism across Europe, and disregarded the welfare of European Jews.

The book follows the church’s shady (read: unethical) financial transactions around the world and its money laundering operations for the Mafia.

It seems the Catholic Church has consistently placed the acquisition of money and power ahead of ethics, lawfulness, human rights and basic decency.

Are there wonderful Catholic individuals all over the world making this a better place to live? Absolutely. Are there priests and nuns who have dedicated there lives to the service of God and their fellow humans? Of course.

Should the Catholic Church be the arbiter of morality in our everyday lives? I don’t think so.

Dianne Haskins, Mount Horeb