Shame on the State Journal for publishing a disgusting snuff piece about recreational coyote killing in Sunday's newspaper.

Just because the author and a subset of “hunters” refer to this species as “varmints,” that doesn’t mean the paper should publish a “how to” for the recreational killing of these much maligned and misunderstood animals. Nothing says “ethical sportsman” like publishing a “how to” on chasing these animals with trucks, ATVs and hounds.

Just as with wolves in the northern part of the state, the hounding of coyotes is nothing more than legal dog fighting. The hounders will try to tell you fighting does not occur between their hounds and coyotes. One simple YouTube or social media search will show you otherwise in graphic detail.

What the author also does not mention is how coyote “hunters” are allowed to kill at night, putting you and your pets in direct danger. Ask the woman who had her reflective-vest-wearing dogs killed by a reckless coyote “hunter” at night what great “recreation” and “alternative” this vile “sport” is.

Now cue the rambling fearmongering about coyotes eating your kids, pets and grandchildren that always seems to follow any pro-wildlife commentary.

Paul Collins, Madison