I think guns are stupid. And if there is even a small chance it might reduce the number of deaths in this country, every single gun should be beaten into the modern equivalent of a plowshare (microchips?)

On reflection though, as an urban liberal who has not touched a gun in 20 years, that is an easy position for me to take. “Taking their guns” seems reasonable, but owning a gun is a right that I will never exercise and means nothing to me. I should recognize that that might influence my willingness to place the Second Amendment on a sacrificial alter.

In real life, gun control is not binary. It is an array of knobs, and twiddling a few would almost certainly save lives with only minor inconvenience to the Second Amendment crowd. Our chances of success would be amplified if we recognize that our lack of a personal stake in this issue probably causes us to underestimate how far we are turning a knob, and that people who do have a personal stake in the issue will probably overestimate the same turn.

Isaac Knoflicek, Madison