As New Glarus' token atheist, I have no dog in this fight. But reading of Bishop Robert Morlino's recent dictate that basically stops LGBT Catholics from having church funerals rites begs a response.

Morlino would do well to read up on the history of the Madison Diocese, and its founders, two renaissance men, Bishop Mathias Loras and Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, from southwestern Wisconsin and Iowa.

In 1847, Mazzuchelli founded Sinsinawa, a Dominican Catholic Women's Order, focused on building a holy and just society. He also built many churches in the tri-state area. Both men put a high value on education for everyone, boys and girls, Catholic and protestant.

To that end, in the mid-1800s, Mazzuchelli started a school in Hazel Green, which had around eight Catholic families and many protestant families. If you were Catholic and wanted your child to receive a Catholic education, your child had to stay after regular school hours for the Catholic part of the education.

Morlino needs to take a long, deep and introspective look into his heart and cherish the example set by Loras and Mazzuchelli. The people of the area served by Loras and Mazzuchelli have long sought sainthood for Mazzuchelli, but can't come up with the required miracle for sainthood.

Perhaps if Morlino turned his views around, and began ministering to everyone because of the example set by Loras and Mazzuchelli, that would be the miracle needed to gain Mazzuchelli his well deserved sainthood.

Kim Tschudy, New Glarus