Some ideas following the latest school shooting would save lives. The problem is the combative nature of many people's opinions. People think you must accept a certain solution but not something else.

Armed teachers might save some lives in lengthier confrontations. Fear of an armed teacher might deter a shooter. Bulletproof doors could save a few victims. A better mental health system might prevent a shooter from reaching such desperation. Federal limits on the capacity of magazines would lower the number of casualties. Expanded background checks might have flagged some shooters as people needing mental health services.

No simple, singular solution exists. But each side proclaims it is right and the other side is not. Any solution has costs. Some are financial. Others challenge our belief in humanity or opposition to governmental intrusion. What price will we pay for child safety?

We admire the bravery of teachers who sacrifices their lives to save students. We wonder if we are one of those people. We shouldn’t expect others to accept costs if we aren’t willing to as well.

We should also remember these are our children, and they don’t get to vote.

Joseph E. Mimier, Madison