For months, some of us have been hoping that House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, would at some point stop bowing down to the con man in chief who sits in the White House eating cheeseburgers and watching cable news.

We hoped Speaker Ryan would start putting country over party and his career goals. We hoped he would start preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution. How naive we have been.

It's apparent to anyone who pays attention that Speaker Ryan is complicit in President Donald Trump’s big con job. President Trump doesn't want to worry about investigations of his family’s shady financial dealing and possible obstruction of justice.

Some people have referred to Speaker Ryan as Trump’s lap dog. I would disagree with that comparison. Lap dogs have spines.

Long ago I learned to judge people by their deeds, not by the smirk on their face.

Mark S. Hamel, town of Fulton