For 10 years, as co-chair of statewide chapters of national Jewish peace groups that have sought a two-state resolution between Israelis and Palestinians, I observed American Jewish thinkers, members of the Israeli Knesset, former top Israeli military and intelligence figures, and Palestinian activists expressing the common goal of peace.

Moreover, most of these people know that a peace agreement requires:

  • Determining West Bank and Israeli settlement boundaries.
  • Assuring Israel’s security.
  • Agreeing on the status of Palestinian refugees.
  • Recognizing both Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital.

The critical problem with President Donald Trump’s unilateral move of the American embassy to Jerusalem is that it validates only one capital, forcefully tipping the scales in favor of the Israelis. This disqualifies the United States as a peace broker, and more importantly intensifies anger within the Palestinian and Arab public -- making violence, not peace, more likely.

Peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors is in the best interest of the United States. I urge Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other supporters of peace to call President Trump and voice your opposition to this diplomatic timebomb and urge him to defuse it.

Todd Miller, Madison