I am supporting state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, for the Democratic Party nomination for governor because she possesses a unique combination of passion, intelligence, experience and commitment to putting people before moneyed interests in deciding what’s right for our state.

Vinehout has won three state Senate elections in a rural, Republican-leaning district, and thus has a demonstrated ability to expand the Democratic Party electorate. She has a background in nursing, health services and dairy farming. As a farmer, her family struggled at times without health insurance, and she decided to enter politics because she felt that no one in our state should be put in that position.

Vinehout has written alternative budgets that reflect different choices she would make with the same amount of money being spent by Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues. Some of these choices include making technical colleges and two-year University of Wisconsin System campuses free, expanding Badgercare to cover thousands of more people, reinvesting in our university system, and expanding broadband service across the state.

The Democratic Party field is crowded, but in my mind Vinehout stands out as best positioned to appeal to a broad constituency and defeat Gov. Scott Walker in next year's election.

Ron Berger, McFarland