Under the reign of Gov. Scott Walker, his disdain for workers has become blatantly obvious.

Whether it's his Act 10 legislation, the dismantling of the civil service system, or the passage of Right to Work laws, it's clear he views Wisconsin's workforce as, at worst, a threat to corporate dominance or, at best, simply a cost to be minimized.

But apparently he suddenly awoke one morning and realized that a skilled workforce may actually be an asset to Wisconsin's economy. So he's devised a multimillion-dollar marketing plan to re-brand our state as "worker-friendly."

Given his record this may be a hard sell, particularly when you consider the alarming number of UW System graduates who choose to leave the state after earning their degrees. These are people, after all, who've experienced life under Gov. Walker and decided they don't like it.

And given his repeated cuts to UW System's operating budget, as well as his attacks on the Wisconsin Idea, academic tenure and faculty governance, it's clear they've gotten his message: You are not valued.

So I'm not sure who will benefit from this proposed $6.8 million expenditure to market Wisconsin to young workers other than the corporate marketing firm that gets the contract. But I can assure you none of that money will go into the pockets of Wisconsin workers.

Warren J Gordon, Madison