For several miles on northbound Interstate 39-90 between Edgerton and Stoughton, the road is reduced by construction to two lanes with no shoulders. Both shoulders are obstructed by continuous concrete barriers.

This creates an extremely dangerous situation in that any vehicle that fails, forcing a stop, could not be coasted fully out of the drive lanes. Even if moved right up to a barrier, the other side of the vehicle would protrude well into the traffic lane.

The speed limit is reduced to 60 mph, but most vehicles are going closer to 70. So the danger is that a driver momentarily could be distracted by any of a number of events, and this could cause a fatal rear-end collision or a multi-fatality chain collision.

It's hard to believe the construction in this area could not have been designed in a safer manner.

Any number of situations could make a well maintained vehicle lose power. Recently a broken serpentine belt brought my vehicle to a halt in an area with adequate room to get off the road. It took 3 hours for a tow truck. Had I been in that construction zone, an accident would surely have resulted.

William Lynch, Madison