Wisconsin pays people who allow their dogs to run loose on public lands -- with no oversight and with no permit requirement -- $2,500 each time one of their hound is killed.

Last year the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources paid out $100,000 for dead hounds and vet bills for hunting hounds killed or injured by wolves.

Let’s put this in another context. The hounders are practicing their sick “sport” of their own free will and with no oversight from the government in the form of a license. When something goes wrong while they freely participate in their “sport,” it somehow becomes the responsibility of the government to pay them for their "loss"? How does that make any sense?

Does the government pay you if you crash your bike on a government owned bike trail? Does the government pay you if you sprain your ankle while playing basketball at a government owned park? Does the government pay you when you strike one of the deer that they insist remain at artificially inflated levels to appease Wisconsin’s “sportsmen?” No they don’t.

So why are taxpayers forced to reimburse reckless legal animal fighters while they practice their “sport"? Call this what it is: a government sanctioned scam.

Paul Collins, Madison