In his Sunday column, "State tax burden remains heavy," Mike Nichols said our state's income tax burden is still too high.

The part that made me sick is when he stated that high income taxes "diminish the incentive to work." What a load of you know what.

Most people work because they have to. I've never ever heard anyone say, "Gee, I'm getting taxed so much I think I'll just quit working and be poor." Is this a country club conversation? Most people I come in contact with work to survive.

Nichols suggests a "broader" sales tax, which is the most regressive tax there is. Look, no one likes paying taxes. But it is the price we all pay (except, maybe, President Donald Trump) for a civil society. Without taxes, we have no roads, public schools or protection.

This myth that high taxes create a disincentive needs to be buried in the ground. The same holds true for the myth that lower taxes create more jobs. When the eight wealthiest people own what the bottom 50 percent of the planet owns, having the rich pay higher taxes is not too much to ask. 

Tim Melin, Verona