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Maryvale Baseball Park, Brewers spring training, AP photo

Maryvale Baseball Park is seen before a Milwaukee Brewers spring training baseball exhibition game against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, in Phoenix.


Phoenix’s Maryvale area will remain the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training home for at least another 25 years, the Arizona Republic reported.

The Phoenix City Council approved by a 6-2 vote a deal Wednesday that some city leaders applauded as the “new model” for funding sports facilities.

The deal requires the team to spend between $41 million and $63 million on renovations to Maryvale Baseball Park and take over operations of the facility.

In return, the city will spend $10 million over the next five years to assist with renovations. It also will pay the team about $1.4 million per year for 25 years to operate the park, which is about what it spends now on operations, according to a city staff report.

At the end of the 25-year deal, the Brewers will have the option to purchase the ballpark at its appraised value with credit based on how much the team invests in the facility over the life of the deal.

The Brewers have trained in Maryvale since 1998, but have only committed to year-to-year deals since 2013.

“I think just giving that long-standing commitment that we’ve had there over the last 20 years — and we’ve done a few expansions over the last few years — and any time that you can stay home you try to do that and continue the partnership,” said Bob Quinn, Brewers executive vice president for finance.