GREEN BAY — Mike McCarthy was reluctant to share exactly what happened on the Packers’ sideline early in the third quarter when cornerback Damarious Randall was benched after giving up a touchdown pass just before halftime and got into an argument with one of the coaches.

Randall was seen sitting alone on the bench — while the defense was on the field — after the sideline disagreement before veteran cornerback Davon House came and sat alongside him. Later in the second half, Randall was nowhere to be found in the bench area. McCarthy acknowledged Friday it was his decision to send Randall to the locker room.

“It was a coach’s decision, my decision to send him to the locker room,” McCarthy said. “Anytime things happen throughout the course of our operation — whether it’s in a game, practice and so forth — I can promise you there’s dialogue. It’s an internal matter that’s being handled internally.”

Asked if Randall had a “maturity issue,” McCarthy replied, “I think like anything in life and particularly professional sports and this particular situation, we can all grow. And he has some growing to do.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy indicated that if there would be any punishment for Randall, it wouldn’t be losing his spot on the roster.

“When we come back Tuesday,” McCarthy said, “Damarious will be ready to roll with the rest of our football team.”