I am a resident of University Hill Farms, along with my wife, Jennifer, sons Adli and Wills, and our dog Randall. As Badger fans, we named him after the stadium and his future sidekick will be named Lambeau. Jenny and I are both active in the city and other organizations, setting examples for Adli and Wills.

A proud Badger, I earned my BA in Portuguese, philosophy, history and history of science with a minor in Integrated Liberal Studies. My master’s is from the UW’s La Follette School of Public Affairs -- dedicated to the Wisconsin Idea of training leaders to make smart and informed public policy.

I understand both policy and government systems. I have worked at federal and state levels on housing and homelessness with Housing and Urban Development and the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, economics at the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and with city and county administrators on many more issues. I currently evaluate and advise utility-scale energy-efficiency programs throughout North America. I volunteer locally for my neighborhood, scouting, and city committees.

My dedication to our neighborhoods and city is demonstrated by:

- Volunteering with both the Cub and Boy Scouts as an involved parent.

- Assisting the neighborhood association by volunteering to run the family games for the annual July 4th picnic.

- My and my neighbor’s cars were robbed; I responded by co-founding Hill Farms' Neighborhood Watch.

- Working on developing the City of Madison Hill Farms Neighborhood Plan. This comprehensive planning document will guide the growth and development of our area for the next 10-20 years. Our and other neighborhoods have expressed their collective vision of future development.

- On Madison’s Sustainable Madison Committee, I work to make Madison more vibrant through clean energy, clean water, easy transportation, healthy housing, and abundant parks.

- While already dealing with a campaign, I have stepped forward to work on the Comprehensive Plan.

I’m ready to hit the ground running, having:

- Worked with city engineers and planners.

- Toured our bus facilities to see limits of our transit infrastructure.

- Worked with public health officials, sharing information about the safety of our well water, contaminated by road salt.

Challenges going forward are to keep our district healthy and vibrant as our growth continues. My vision is that of an ever-more sustainable, inclusive, safe, vibrant, and healthy Madison.

Schools. I have a vested interest in the health of our city, being a product of public schools, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, a parent of two students, and a homeowner. Attacks on public education concern me. Madison will thrive only if our schools thrive, fail if our schools are not defended. As alder, I will actively look for innovative ways to work with the school district to strengthen and support our schools.

Development and affordable housing. On the Planning Committee, I viewed the wave of growth and development our district currently faces. Already involved, I understand the will expressed in our neighborhood and comprehensive plans. Our city lacks sufficient affordable housing. I understand tax credits, demographics, zoning, and other difficult issues; I’ll provide informed leadership.

Sustainability. Sustainability includes:

- The 100% Renewable Energy Plan enacted by the Sustainable Madison Committee.

- Quality of Madison's street and park tree canopy being devastated by the emerald ash borer.

- Water quality from local well #14.

- Capacity problems our bus system faces.

We need an individual who sees important interactions between these areas, who can work with all parties to guide the growth and challenges we face in an engaged and experienced way.

Whether a Democratic socialist or right-wing tea partier, you know the greatest threats facing our city right now are Scott Walker and Donald Trump. Madison needs leaders who can guide policy that is smart; that not only proclaims who we are here in Madison, but does so keeping our budgets intact and our services running.