Mary Dougherty's new cookbook/memoir, "Life in a Northern Town," documents the food on her Bayfield table among vivid color photographs of the land in all seasons. Here, her "Pagan's Timpano" was adapted from Stanley Tucci's cookbook. 

Mary Dougherty rejects the idea that the food of northern Wisconsin is only fried fish, meat and potatoes.

"In my kitchen I have something that's a little bit more spicy, drawing its inspirations from a wider arena," said Dougherty. "It doesn't need to be a binary choice between 'northern Wisconsin' or 'ethnic.'

Life Northern Town

"Life in a Northern Town" was released in August 2017 by Wisconsin Historical Press. 

"It can exist cheek to jowl, because that's what creates resilient communities. Diversity is your community's greatest strength." 

This week on the podcast, Lindsay Christians interviews the Bayfield-based blogger at The Cookery Maven, food advocate with the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project and former owner of Good Thyme Restaurant about her new book, "Life in a Northern Town: Cooking, Eating and Other Adventures Along Lake Superior."

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