Arcadia books (copy)

Katie Wyer with Large Batch Scratch runs the kitchen at Arcadia Books in Spring Green, Wis.

Chef Katie Wyer loves both Spring Greens.

She loves the summer Spring Green, when the American Players Theatre acting company, designers and support staff come to town. She likes seeing them at the Arcadia Books cafe every day, where they come to eat and read and work, and she's happy to cater the opening night celebration for the cast and crew. With all the people who come to town, it feels like the population doubles. 

But Wyer, founder of the catering and pop-up company Large Batch Scratch, likes the other Spring Green too, the quieter one in winter. She hosts pizza nights and curry nights for the locals at White School Collective. Recently, local farmers, a coffee roaster, a honey producer and a potter have launched to let folks know about the exciting food-related things happening in town all year 'round.

This week on the podcast, Lindsay Christians talks to Katie Wyer about the food life this special part of rural Wisconsin. The next time you're in Spring Green for an APT show, check out the japchae in the grab-and-go case. It's a local specialty. 

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