Frank Productions Concerts, which has owned and operated the High Noon Saloon on the near east side for the past year, is now FPC Live.

Frank Productions Concerts and Majestic Live, the city’s two biggest live music companies, are no more: As of Friday, the two entities have united as a new company called FPC Live.

Leaders with the new enterprise announced the change on Monday. Company president Charlie Goldstone — formerly the president of Frank Productions — said that FPC Live offers a more cohesive identity for the music promotion work done by Frank and Majestic. The two erstwhile companies announced they would merge in early 2017.

“When we started talking about the merger with the Majestic, we realized we had too many brands,” said Goldstone. “It just became confusing for the consumer, to the extent that the concertgoer cares about who the promoter is.”

Goldstone will be co-president of the new company, along with the former heads of Majestic Live, Matt Gerding and Scott Leslie.

The change will also end True Endeavors, a 26-year-old brand run by the local music promoter Tag Evers. True Endeavors had operated under the Frank Productions umbrella since 2012. Evers will stay on at FPC Live as a promoter.

Besides the branding and corporate structure, Goldstone said that not much else has changed. Frank Productions, Inc. will continue to operate as the parent company of FPC Live, with Larry and Fred Frank at the helm as co-chief operations officers. Goldstone said that the programming at venues owned or operated by FPC Live — the Majestic, the Orpheum, and the High Noon Saloon — will not change.

“We’re still going to treat our artists and the concertgoer the same way, with the same level of comfort and hospitality,” he said.

The name change comes on the heels of the announcement last month that Live Nation, the multi-national live entertainment giant, had bought a controlling stake in Frank Productions, Inc. The move signaled further consolidation of control in the local network of music venues: As part of the deal, Frank Productions took over management of the Orpheum Theater, owned by the Paras family.

The move also threatened Frank Productions’ status as one of an independent company, although the Franks have said the deal with Live Nation will let the company operate independently.

Goldstone said that despite the deal with Live Nation and the branding shift, the reputation of the company as an independent, local and family-run business won’t change.

“The leadership and the ownership is still local, here,” he said. “All that stuff is still there.”

“We’re not worried about our reputation changing,” he added. “If anything, I think our reputation is going to improve.”

Meanwhile, FPC Live is on the cusp of opening another entertainment venue in 2018: The Sylvee, a theater that with a 2,500-head capacity at the intersection of South Livingston Street and East Washington Avenue. 

Erik Lorenzsonn is the Capital Times' tech and culture reporter. He joined the team in 2016, after having served as an online editor for Wisconsin Public Radio and having written for publications like The Progressive Magazine and The Poughkeepsie Journal.