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Wisconsin added 3,600 private-sector manufacturing jobs in December, according to preliminary estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wisconsin lost 1,300 jobs in June, according to preliminary estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released Friday.

The state actually gained 3,600 private-sector jobs, but lost 4,900 government jobs. The majority of those were state jobs, with a loss of 4,500 jobs.

The numbers reflect a longer-term trend; steady growth in the private-sector, and a stagnant public sector. 

From June 2016 to June 2017, Wisconsin gained 36,700 private-sector jobs. Government jobs (including state, federal and local jobs in Wisconsin) over that time stayed relatively constant, from 412,800 in June 2016 to 412,600 in June 2017. 

Wisconsin's private sector would get a bigger boost if Taiwanese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn decides to build a plant here, a move that would employ up to 10,000 people.

“We very much hope that this gets done, but nothing’s done until it’s done,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said in a recent interview. “If this does come to fruition, it would be completely game-changing for southeastern Wisconsin.”

When Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011, he promised to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term. To date, Wisconsin has seen an increase in 219,000 jobs. Government jobs have seen an overall decrease of 4,500 government jobs. 

With a healthy private sector, state jobs aren't as appealing, a recent Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article said. It described a large exodus last year of state government employees to the private sector for “the promise of better jobs." 

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June represents the second month of overall job loss in Wisconsin. Last month, the state lost 3,700 jobs. However, the state is still experiencing its lowest unemployment rate since 1999.

Surrounding states generally fared better in June, with Illinois gaining 8,600 jobs, Iowa gaining 11,200 and Minnesota gaining 4,400. Michigan lost 300 jobs.

The figures were released Friday, and are part of the Current Employment Statistics program, which samples a small number of employers monthly. As preliminary estimates for June, the numbers are subject to revision.

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