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CJ Szafir, executive vice president of the conservative Wisconsin Institute on Law and Liberty, pens a piece on Right Wisconsin to outline six things that everyone needs to know about Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court. Szafir writes that Democrats trying to stop the confirmation may argue that Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh to protect himself from impeachment -- an argument Szafir says the National Review's David French has taken apart. 

Mal Contends blogger Michael Leon posts a piece insisting that the Democrats must stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. He claims that the nominee is a lie and represents the very worst in America. The blogger outlines a plan on how to stop the confirmation.

Here we go again, blogs James Rowen. Bear hunters can "train" their dogs again by running them through wolf habitat, all legal in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the Political Environment blogger adds, not many know the story behind this incredibly cruel annual activity.

In a lengthy blog, Jeff Simpson explains what he believes is the myth of school chaos. A Monona School Board member himself, Simpson details how conservatives from Wisconsin's Rick Esenberg to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are trying to undo the Obama administration's guidelines on school discipline and efforts to reduce institutional racism. 

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist, Christian Schneider, insists that abortion needs to be decided by the voters, not the U.S. Supreme Court. He implies that the court should never have ruled on abortion because the choice belongs to the people.

Bruce Murphy insists that Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack has once again embarrassed herself and the court with a decision on the city of Milwaukee pension board. He says she succeeded in bringing together liberal justice Shirley Abrahamson and conservative Daniel Kelly in dissenting from the 4-3 decision that makes absolutely no sense, but sticks it to Milwaukee.

Blogger David Blaska pauses today to hope the best for his hometown, Sun Prairie, which suffered a horrific gas explosion in its downtown, taking the life of a SP firefighter. He points out that many in the Blaska family were volunteer firefighters through the years.