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The Racine Journal Times likes the bipartisan U.S. Senate bill to strengthen the nation's background check system on gun purchases. In this age of gun violence, it's common sense legislation, the paper editorializes, and both Wisconsin U.S. senators, Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin, need to get behind it.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says the Wisconsin DNR has been weakened by the Scott Walker administration and Republicans in the Legislature these past several years so much so that it is absolutely the worst agency to rule on whether Foxconn can suck 7 million gallons of water out of Lake Michigan daily.

Three of the most outspoken conservatives from Wisconsin, Rick Esenberg and Collin Roth of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty and Eric Bott of the Koch brothers'-sponsored Americans for Prosperity team up for a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column warning that Donald Trump's tariffs could derail what they call his stupendous economic record.

Blogger Dominique Paul Noth, meanwhile, asks if Trump's tariffs are for the steelworkers or the steel bosses? The big guys will be the ones to benefit, he predicts, while if Trump really wants to help workers, he and the Republicans would buy into Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin's proposal to buy American products. Instead they block it  because they don't want any Democrat to look good.

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The Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist Christian Schneider ridicules "grandstanding" politicians who try to legislate stupidity out of the American culture like the current craze of eating Tide detergent pods.

Right Wisconsin's James Wigderson, a longtime pro-gun advocate, accuses gun opponents of using children "with notes from mommy" to advance their agenda. He's appalled that a young man and a young woman read a letter from their mothers at a gun hearing, claiming that doesn't bode well for the youths' maturity.

"Imagine Madison" is the latest target of Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska. He says the community meetings being held by the planning group are aimed at what he derisively calls the "underserved" and is aimed at pushing more food pantries, buses and cheaper housing at taxpayer expense.