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The Wisconsin conservative blogosphere and punditry are full of lament today.

Writing on Right Wisconsin, Jerry Bader says the Republicans need a "House of Cards" moment at the convention. He lists a few scenarios on how the convention, like the TV series, could make some unlikely twists and dump Trump in the end. Highly unlikely, he says, but it's worth dreaming about.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist, Christian Schneider, says that GOP national chairman Reince Preibus is not to blame for the Republicans' problems. Nobody saw Trump coming, he insists, but Preibus did his best to deal with it.

The GOP convention isn't much reason to celebrate, says conservative blogger Barbara Hasper in her Musings From Dairyland blog. She's disappointed that her congressman, Paul Ryan, is siding with Trump. She has problems understanding how a principled politician like Ryan could stomach Trump.

Another conservative, Jonathan Krause, blogs that the convention is one of confusion. People inside the convention hall are confused about how it ever happened that Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. Best they can do, he says, is grin and bear it and wait for the next election.

Meanwhile, liberal blogger Chris Liebenthal posts a letter Scott Walker has sent Republicans detailing what he's going to say Wednesday night at the GOP convention. He will attack Hillary Clinton for her email scandal and contend that any other person who did what she did would be in jail. Liebenthal points out, however, that Walker's hypocrisy is stunning, since it was he who was caught in an email scandal while county exec that should have sent him to jail.

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Political Environment blogger James Rowen also points to Walker's chutzpah in focusing on emails. But, says Rowen, he's always been a phony and a self-promoter during his political career.

Meanwhile, columnist Bill Kaplan, writing on WisOpinion, laments his decision in 1968 not to vote, refusing to vote for Hubert Humphrey over Republican Richard Nixon because of Humphrey's involvement with the Vietnam War. It was a mistake, one that people shouldn't make this time around in the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump contest, he says. Trump is very much like Nixon, Kaplan insists.

Echoes of Madison can be heard in Racine this week as the city struggles with the location of a homeless shelter. The Racine Journal Times implores city officials and those who serve the homeless community to come to grips with the problem now. Winter's not that far away, the paper points out.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette has some advice for the Brown County Board, which is embroiled in a huge controversy over a $61,000 payout to the outgoing county corporation counsel. Instead of searching for ways to penalize those involved, the board should take constructive action to put in place policies that make sure it doesn't happen again, the paper says.