Dear Editor: Gov. Walker and Speaker Vos always say they’re working hard to help us, to lower our property taxes, and to secure a good future for our children.

Sounds nice, but how do they explain the toxic sludge being pumped through our state — all for the profit of Enbridge Energy, a tar sands company from Canada?

In order to get tar sands oil to move through pipelines, numerous highly toxic chemicals are added to it. In the event of a spill, the sludge is bad enough, but the additives become gaseous, flammable and deadly to surrounding life.

Several disastrous spills have already occurred because of Enbridge operations, the most recent in Michigan. It is now being called the “costliest inland oil spill in U.S. history.”

Yet our governor and Vos continue to ease pipeline regulations. Last year, our partisan Legislature fast-tracked a law that made it easier for a private company to use eminent domain to force Wisconsin citizens to relinquish their private property. Why? Enbridge wants to build another, even larger, higher-pressure, untested pipeline to move its product to Texas refineries.

How does any of this help the people of Wisconsin? What good is a few dollars saved on a property tax bill if your property (and your life) is at risk from what’s gushing underneath your home?

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What kind of future will our children face in a state where major waterways, wells, and wildlife areas are permanently polluted?

Barbara Burczyk


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