Dear Editor: It seems that in all the current discussion about abortion, pro and con, as a society, we are still at a point where the consequences of sex and pregnancy are borne in unequal measure by the woman. Abortion is a horrible decision to make – thank God I have never been faced with it. And I refuse to believe that any woman makes that choice lightly. But good or bad, for the rest of our lives, we women live physically and emotionally with the results of birth control, pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, or childbirth. And sometimes, we are also the primary financial support of the resulting children.

If we are seriously going to discuss banning all abortion and all forms of birth control — which seems to be the ultimate goal for some — then we need to at least level the playing field. It takes two to tango. Men who violently assault women or indiscriminately father children with no intention of taking responsibility should also face lifelong consequences to their bodies. There is prison, but there are also permanent medical and physical options that should be considered.

Barbara Schultz


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