Dear Editor: It should come as no surprise that conservative students feel more welcome on the UW-Madison campus than do minority or liberal students, according to the 2016 Campus Climate Survey. While this might seem counterintuitive, given the university's notorious liberal bent, it can be easily explained.

Conservative students have not been brainwashed by PC fanatics into believing that hostility toward them lurks everywhere in the form of "microagressions" and "institutionalized racism" and "white patriarchy." Their social antennae have not been finely tuned to pick up "hate speech" (i.e., opinions different from theirs). They have not been pressured by peers and professors to join the cult of victimhood and cultivate an attitude of perpetual aggrievement.

That conservative students feel right at home at UW-Madison must be discomforting indeed to administrators who have done everything imaginable to make them feel unwelcome. Maybe they've just been too busy studying to notice.

Gary L. Kriewald

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