Dear Editor: Russia's violation of our public discourse and electoral processes makes it a clear and present danger. It would be so even were it not also a virulent threat to peace, stability and the rule of law throughout the world. And violation it was, not much unlike actual rape — yet another thing about which Trump is obtuse and indifferent. He chooses to acknowledge the problem as a real and serious one (which the Kremlin is behind), but solely for the purpose of castigating Barack Obama. With respect to taking real and meaningful action to defend the nation from further attacks, his unique and interesting mind reverts to dismissing the problem entirely (in order, of course, to serve his only true interest: defending himself). The White House has just announced belated action to punish Russia for a July 2017 malware attack unrelated to this issue; it's been nearly silent on the larger, graver problem. In this, Trump reveals himself to be, in yet another way, a part of the clear and present danger to us all.

Jeff Glick

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