Dear Editor: Ever since Tom Donohue became president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., he has urged chamber members, such as Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, to take advantage of low voter turnout in judicial elections to finance the races of conservative judges. Why? Because Donohue is an attorney who noticed it is even easier to influence courts to rule favorably for business interests than to advance pro-business legislation.

It always sounds good when Republican judicial candidates say they abide by the laws made by legislatures; they don't make the law. But laws are open to interpretation. Legal decisions about redistricting, voter ID, regulations protecting water and natural resources, who can represent a public employee in court, and how long responses to freedom of information requests can be delayed are not clear-cut.

What Wisconsin needs is Supreme Court justices who have financial backing and legal experience that indicate they are impartial.

LuAnne Feik

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