Dear Editor: You see jobs versus the environment debated all the time. Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Party in Wisconsin say we need to eliminate environmental protections to create jobs.

It's a lie that will scar our state for generations. Allowing sulfide mining near waterways will poison our most valuable resource — clean water. The state-sanctioned destruction of wetlands will cause more flooding and diminish water quality — again, water that is our state's most valuable resource.

These "leaders" have sold the future for campaign donations from mining corporations and real estate developers. The mining companies will create a few temporary jobs, take the minerals they want and leave a polluted Wisconsin behind. It's insanity.

Clean water is something that wars are fought over and Wisconsin is fortunate enough to have a lot of it. Our legislators can't spoil it fast enough. Next time you drive by a lake or river, think about what our corrupt politicians are doing to destroy it. Oh, and let them know how wrong it is.

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Tom Melin


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