Dear Editor: Regarding Katelyn Ferral's story  "What Would Jesus Do?," I think it shows unequivocally that churches, and especially evangelical churches, should lose their tax-exempt status and be classified for what they are — propaganda organizations for right-wing Republicanism. In particular I point out Scott Anderson’s quote "… I think the mess we’re in Wisconsin now is as much the fault of Democrats as it is Republicans."

The Republican Party in Wisconsin has been in total control of state government for eight years and to utter such a statement but then say you’re an "equal opportunity critiquer" is just a lie. Also anyone who watches antenna TV can watch the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry programs, which promote the most vile and hateful comments directed toward Democrats and Catholics that you will see anywhere. Just think how much lower our property taxes would be if we weren’t forced to support all this hateful propaganda by our so-called churches.

William Folz


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