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Darren Bush: Land and Water Conservation Fund protects the Wisconsin way of life

The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which has never been fully funded, is set to expire Sept. 30. Wisconsinites should contact their federal legislators and urge them to reauthorize the program with full funding. Read more

Todd Berry: Voters keep treasurer — now empower the office

One constructive prod toward fiscal reform in Wisconsin would be to make the state treasurer Wisconsin’s fiscal cop. For 20 years, legislators have done the opposite. Read more

Editorial: Soglin should recognize a new generation is rising

Serious competition between capable contenders is a good thing — Maurice Cheeks, Satya Rhodes-Conway and Paul Soglin are highly capable contenders for mayor. Read more

John S. Skilton, Dean A. Strang, and 24 others: Lawyers should not be judged by their clients

Dear Editor: While a practicing lawyer in Massachusetts in 1770, John Adams defended — successfully, mostly — eight British soldiers who sh… Read more

Phil Hands: The week in cartoons

A collection of recent cartoons from the desk of Wisconsin State Journal editorial cartoonist Phil Hands. Read more

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Under unchecked power, no one is safe

They did not have to die. Read more



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Commentary: Did you hear Brett Kavanaugh is a great dad? And a great coach!

Whatever you think of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court nominee - brilliant jurist, threat to Roe v. Wade, spawn of the Federalist Society - you can be sure of this: He's a great dad and a great coach. So says Julie O'Brien of Chevy Chase, Md., in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. She writes: "Brett's older daughter and mine have been classmates at Blessed Sacrament School, a small ... Read more

Commentary: Fact-checking starts with you

As news consumers, we're swamped with information. Whether we read newspapers, watch cable news, or get stories from Aunt Judy on Facebook, we must decide which information is trustworthy. Advocacy journalism outlets including Fox News and MSNBC, ideological talk radio, and conspiracy websites like InfoWars make this difficult. Was Trump snookered by North Korea? Will his tariff war hurt the ... Read more

Editorial: In flag-art controversy, University of Kansas crumpled under political pressure

Last week's decision by University of Kansas officials to move a flag-based art exhibit was made hastily under political pressure, and it reflects a betrayal of the university's mission to promote learning and debate. A flag spotted with black paint was first raised on the campus July 5. It was part of a months-long arts project called "Pledges of Allegiance," an exhibition that invites people ... Read more

Commentary: Elected Libertarians show what the third party can do

What exactly do Libertarians do? Wait - don't answer that. As someone who edited a small-l libertarian magazine for eight years, I know all your jokes: Libertarians are the people who lose (or spoil!) elections. They perform aesthetically challenging stripteases on C-SPAN, conduct unfortunate personal experiments with colloidal silver. I get it. But at least 169 of these exotic creatures hold ... Read more

Commentary: Big Baby and the triumph of corporate America

There's Big Steel. There's Big Pharma. There's Big Tech and Big Coal and Big Banks and Big Oil. Now comes the latest major lobbying organization to throw its weight around and demonstrate the astounding hold that corporate conservatives have on all three branches of the U.S. government. Say hello to Big Baby. The New York Times reported that during this year's World Health Assembly in May, the ... Read more

Commentary: Trump opposes foreign worker visas — except for Mar-a-Lago

We're too lazy, us Americans. Or maybe we lack the requisite skills. Either way, we're obviously not up to staffing a high priority presidential enterprise. We can't cook. Serve food. Sling drinks. Wash dishes. Bus tables. Clean rooms. Tend gardens. We can't perform such work well enough to serve the president's business interests. Or maybe it's that we just won't do it cheaply enough. So once ... Read more

Commentary: More indictments in the Russia investigation? #ButHisTexts!

The "witch hunt" by special counsel Robert Mueller keeps turning up actual witches. The coven of Russian military officers that Mueller indicted Friday certainly seems to have put a whammy on U.S. democracy. The indictments charge a dozen military-intelligence agents with conspiracy to attack the United States in 2016. They further connect at least one candidate for U.S. Congress to the ... Read more

Commentary: Blocked from entering the US, will asylum-seekers find a welcome mat in Mexico?

Every harsh move the Trump administration makes on the southwestern border is designed to deter Central Americans from traveling to the United States. It blocks them at legal ports of entry, holds others in indefinite detention and has drastically restricted who can even ask for asylum. But there is no evidence that the flow of migrants is slowing in response, nor are these people going home. ... Read more