A Mauston woman faces drug charges after deputies found cocaine in the the Juneau County Jail.

Mallory Appleman, 21, is charged with possession of cocaine and deliver illegal articles to inmate. She faces imprisonment of up to three years and six months for each charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Juneau County deputy was informed by an inmate Appleman was in possession of cocaine inside the C Pod of the Juneau County Jail Jan. 14.

The inmate informed the deputy she was in her cell when Appleman walked up and said “I hope I get out on Tuesday.” When the inmate asked her why, Appleman state she had marijuana and cocaine in her feminine area and “her period was going to start and she didn’t know what to do.”

Appleman then asked the inmate if she wanted any. The inmate declined.

The deputy had Appleman summoned for questioning. When asked if she had brought anything “she shouldn’t have” into the jail, Appleman said she hadn’t. The deputy requested a urine sample from Appleman.

Appleman stated “that was fine, because she had just done a urine test for probation and she was just positive for marijuana.” Appleman voluntarily provided a urine sample, which tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.

The deputy informed Appleman a K-9 would be searching the C Pod and asked her if the K-9 “would hit on anything.” Appleman “denied everything.”

A strip search was requested and granted for Appleman.

When Appleman was taken to booking for a strip search to be conducted, she stated “she was scared and did not want to get into trouble.” Appleman then admitted she had something on her.

When asked if it was inside her body, Appleman said it was “No, it is on me inside my pad.”

Appleman turned over a feminine napkin and “removed a small baggie that was twisted together on one side.” The contents of the baggie tested positive for cocaine.

Appleman is still in the Juneau County Jail. She is due in court Feb. 28 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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