I have been watching the controversy over Bishop Robert Morlino’s funeral guidance for gay people. I am struck by how many non-Catholics are trying to tell Catholics what their beliefs and practices should be. If you don’t like what the Catholics do, don’t be Catholic, as I am not.

Nevertheless, two issues in this controversy should be considered separately. I disagree with the Catholic practice of refusing funerals for unrepentant sinners. I prefer to let God judge people after death, which he is going to do anyway.

But much of the criticism of Morlino’s guidance stems from disagreement on the other issue, whether homosexual activities are immoral or not. From my study of the Bible, I agree with the Catholics that God regards homosexual activities as morally wrong.

The critics cannot seem to accept that intelligent, informed, educated people can reach different conclusions about moral values and how to apply them. In a genuinely pluralistic society, we all need to tolerate these differences as much as possible. To insist that everybody should agree about something like homosexuality is to contribute to the angry divisiveness that plagues our country.

Conduct your own funeral your way, and let the Catholics conduct theirs their way.

Wayne Shockley, Brooklyn