I am very disheartened that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has not yet learned its lesson about choosing a gubernatorial candidate.

Several very good candidates are running in the primary. Yet between the party and the newspapers that support Democrats, the push seems to be for Tony Evers and Kelda Roys. We need a candidate from outside of Madison or Milwaukee.

Just because Evers has won a statewide election doesn't mean he could win. He was running for an office, superintendent of schools, that not everyone votes for or looks at the same way they do governor.

I believe Kathleen Vinehout would be the best person for the job and would have a fair chance against Gov. Scott Walker.

She may not be the best speaker in a debate, but if you meet her face to face, she's great. She's smart, understands the issues, offers great alternatives and can explain things in a clear and understandable manner. She has farmed, taught, lived without health insurance and is familiar with the issues people care about. If people haven't checked her out, please do. I think you will be impressed.

All the "powers that be" should stay out of the election until the people have decided who they want to run. The result may be surprising.

Ann Collins, Madison