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Edgerton voters will choose between candidates in two City Council districts, each of them one-year terms, on April 4. In District 2, incumbent Corey Steen faces Debbie Olson, while in District 3, incumbent Paul Davis is being challenged by Anne Radtke. (I) indicates incumbent.


Debbie Olson

Age: 57

Address: 601 Washington St.

Family: Daughters Emily and Lauren

Job: Real estate title abstractor

Political experience: None

Other public service: Girl Scouts and 4-H

Education: High school diploma, college and technical school courses

Corey Steen (I)

Age: 51

Address: 815 W. Fulton St.

Family: Wife Rebecca and two sons, Ethan and Ryan

Job: Special needs school bus driver and home craft business

Political experience: My service as alderperson since I was appointed after Dave Thomas retired.

Other public service: Utility Commission, Personnel Board, Library Board, Public Safety Committee, Public Works Committee, Revolving Loan Fund Committee, Economic Development Committee and Board of Health.

Education: High school diploma and vocational education

Email or website:


List three of your top priorities.

Olson: Increase business development and job opportunities to increase the tax base and keep people working here. Provide citizens and business owners with more timely information about city government that affects the city as a whole, and keep people aware and involved in upcoming city issues. Provide support and funding for the Edgerton Police Department to adequately protect our community.

Steen: To be the best husband and father and to serve my community to the best of my ability.

If you could reverse one city action, what would that be?

Olson: The Public Works Committee’s Jan. 23 vote to force city residents to replace sidewalk squares rather than allowing the property owner the option of saw-cutting raised edges. This would potentially save property owners a lot of money. This money matter should have gone to the full City Council for a vote.

Steen: I would have the city reconsider allowing residents to have more options for mandatory sidewalk maintenance, such as grinding where possible.

How would you change the way the city handles development?

Olson: I would change the way the city handles development by having full disclosures about all business inquiries made to the entire City Council in a timely manner. This gives council members an opportunity to weigh in about all important business developments.

Steen: I would not change anything. I believe the city is on a good developmental path.


Paul Davis (I)

Age: 53

Address: 341 York Road

Family: Daughers Kathryn and Lauren, girlfriend Ivania Valdez

Job: Service representative at BMO Harris Bank

Political experience: Edgerton City Council 2004-2008, currently serving on several city committees

Other public service: Edgerton Knights of Columbus, former member of Towne Country Club Board

Education: Edgerton High School graduate, UW-Eau Claire graduate.

Anne Radtke

Age: 55

Address: 309 Quigley St.

Family: Two children

Job: Journey Mental Health Center

Political experience: Four years on Edgerton City Council.

Other public service: None

Education: Blackhawk Technical College

Email or website:


List three of your top priorities

Davis: Keeping Edgerton a safe and vibrant community. Helping the many businesses in Edgerton succeed and grow. Helping to make Edgerton a desirable place to live and raise a family. Cooperation with the school district goes a long way toward that.

Radtke: My top priorities are keeping our community safe, having well planned growth and activities.

If you could reverse one city action, what would that be?

Davis: I would like us to at least explore our policy of making homeowners responsible for maintenance of sidewalks. It’s a big topic now and it would be less of an individual burden to spread it out over the tax roll. It’s something I plan to look into.

Radtke: One action does not stand out to me. But I would like to understand our plans for our local parks better.

How would you change the way the city handles development?

Davis: You should always be looking for new and innovative ways to succeed in your goals. We do a good job of encouraging new businesses and growth, but you can always do better.

Radtke: Continue to reach out and partner with community groups and surrounding communities to bring in business.