Wisconsin State Journal (copy)

Two candidates are competing to become mayor of Stoughton on April 3. The term is for four years.

Bob McGeever

Age: 65

Address: 309 W. Randolph St.

Family: Married 41 years to Corinne; two sons, one daughter-in-law and one grandson

Job: Retired manufacturing engineer

Prior elected office: Stoughton 3rd District alderman

Other public service: Stoughton Planning Commission; Stoughton Library Board; Stoughton Police & Fire Commission; Stoughton Housing Authority; Friends of the Stoughton Area Youth Center; Zoning Board of Appeals; chief election inspector

Education: Associate degree in electronics from Madison Area Technical College; bachelor’s degree in business from UIU

Website or email address: citizens4mcgeever@charter.net

Tim Swadley

Age: 55

Address: 1617 N. Page St.

Family: Wife Lori; two sons, four grandchildren

Job: Fastenal implementation project manager

Prior elected office: Stoughton City Council since 2011, council president past two years; Stoughton School Board, 2004-2011

Other Public Service: Finance, Public Works, Public Safety, Community Affairs/Council Policy and Parks & Recreation committees; Landmarks Commission; Mandt Community Center Board; Friends of the Stoughton Area Youth Center Board; Stoughton Schools Facilities Committee

Education: Middleton High School


List three of your top priorities.

McGeever: 1. Grow the Stoughton economy to support schools and public safety. 2. Finish the Riverfront Project to support a vibrant Main Street. 3. Strong leadership to fight regressive policies that have stalled Stoughton’s progress, damaged our schools, public services, and raised taxes on family homes.

Swadley: 1. Assuring open and transparent government. 2. Promoting smart and strategic growth. 3. Seeking collaborative solutions.

If you could reverse one city action, what would that be?

McGeever: Around 2000 our City Council placed limits on new houses per year on some new plats. This triggered a 15-year drought in economic growth. The lack of growth in our population has damaged our school system. Class size has shrunk from 300 to 200 students per year. This is not enough to sustain a high-quality school system.

Swadley: Against the wishes of 60 percent of the community who voted in a nonbinding referendum, the city borrowed over $4 million to pay for public improvements needed for the Kettle Park West development. As mayor, I will encourage, embrace, and respect community input as part of my decision-making process.

How would you change the way the city handles development?

McGeever: We have already seen the results of no economic growth. Rising taxes on homes and a struggling school system. Stoughton is fortunate to be located in one of the few counties in Wisconsin with a growing economy. We should participate in this growth for the benefit of our taxpayers and our school system.

Swadley: I will utilize a communitywide survey to gather information to establish vision and a strategic growth plan for our community. Declining enrollment is an area that has already been identified through a series of joint meetings with our school district. As mayor I will work collaboratively with developers that share our vision.