I read with interest the article in the March 4 State Journal "DNR board members say CWD being overblown." 

After watching the disease spread virtually unchecked through several counties for years, they now feel that phrasing used by agency leaders may be too descriptive and cause hunters to seek areas where chronic wasting disease has not surfaced.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources board members pressured agency leaders this week to use softer terminology to describe counties affected by chronic wasting disease, saying the current wording paints such a dire picture that deer hunters might go elsewhere.

Obviously board members should have thought about hunters' reaction to the disease years ago when it was first discovered. They should have taken some positive steps to address the problem.

Now, instead of nitpicking the language used by the agency to describe counties affected by the disease, board members should be taking positive steps to control the disease such as pressuring the state Legislature to ban baiting and feeding statewide, increasing fines for illegal baiting and feeding, and requiring deer farms to cover the cost of recovering escaped animals.

Gary Gundlach, Wauzeka