Tired of the partisan politics being played out in Washington, D.C.?

We have Democrats claiming collusion by the president with the Russians, and we have the Republicans claiming collusion by the Russians with Hillary Clinton's campaign. We have heard this type of rhetoric since 2016. We even have a special investigation that has been going on against the president with little result.

Rather than focusing on the needs of our nation, our "leaders" are playing games. We need a special investigation separate from Congress and the president to investigate all the wrongdoings of both sides and get on with important things such as a federal budget and immigration reform that has been promised for the past 10 years.

The only compromise coming out of D.C. right now is coming from the Oval Office. Where are all these moderate politicians we hear so much about? My vote would be that if they can't come up with some viable and responsible solutions by the end of the week, we as a nation fire each and everyone of them and start over.

Show some respect for us, the American people, who put you in office.

Ed McGrath, Oregon