Monday's State Journal article “Utilities expect to save millions” helps wake us up to how Wisconsin utilities are planning to help the federal government take us two steps toward disaster.

First, they will burden future generations with a trillion-dollar debt to fund tax reductions. Second, they will further impoverish those same future generations with increased climate destabilization. They will use the borrowed tax savings to reduce the price of electricity produced from fossil fuels, thereby promoting increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Rather than reduce consumer fossil-fuel energy bills, Wisconsin utilities should spend their borrowed tax savings on clean energy infrastructure to reduce, rather than increase, greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy will ultimately provide the largest reductions in our energy costs, especially if we take account of the environmental damage that awaits us if we continue the reckless use of fossil fuels.

According to the State Journal article, Madison Gas and Electric is planning to spend at least some of its tax savings on renewable energy infrastructure. Please support MGE in this effort.

Bruce Beck, Madison