Marc Thiessen's column on last Friday's Editorial Page, "Attacking the NRA is attacking everyday Americans," was just what you'd expect from the National Rifle Association, though Thiessen writes for the Washington Post.

The vast majority of Americans are not attacking the NRA. They are outraged that the NRA leadership is so strident and uncompromising on this issue, unlike the majority of its members, who are in favor of reasonable and enforceable gun control legislation.

I agree that Stephen Willeford, the man who shot and stopped a mass shooter at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, deserves a medal for his actions.

But I disagree that corporate America should be boycotted for trying to institute some sanity in the gun market while the NRA dithers and obfuscates, and our legislators at the state and federal levels are incapable of action when needed.

Tom Arendt, Fitchburg