Wisconsin Public Radio recently featured a study that revealed peers team up to tarnish the reputation of top performers, in hopes of making the reward system more socialistic.

Which top performer gets held to an unfair standard in our state? Our great governor, Scott Walker.

Jealous progressives are always trying to take down our hardworking, hard-dealing governor.  

They complain Gov. Walker didn't create the 250,000 jobs he promised in his first term. And yet, a Masters Gallery Foods cheese plant is coming to Oostburg, a Haribo candy plant is slated for Pleasant Prairie, and Foxconn could soon add 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin.

They complain that Gov. Walker didn't graduate from Marquette University. But that was only because he landed a full-time job with the American Red Cross.

They complain Gov. Walker cut millions of dollars from the University of Wisconsin System. But who can blame him, when anecdotes of chronic graduate under-employment has left many recent UW alums employed in work that does not require a bachelor's degree.

I've heard enough of the Walker bashing. Instead of criticizing the governor, how about we improve ourselves? While it might be more difficult to build each other up, it sure beats trying to tear down the best.

Joseph Ohler Jr., La Valle