The only thing Gov. Scott Walker has done right with the transportation shortfall is to veto the $2.5 million study of toll roads in Wisconsin.

Madison is at risk of losing a shelter for mentally ill homeless people over $400,000, and someone thinks we should spend $2.5 million on a study to find out that it will cost millions in infrastructure to modify our roads? Toll roads are not the answer.

In addition to the millions to build the toll system, the bureaucracy that goes along with it will remove needed funds from our roads.

I own a trucking company. I am not a fan of hybrids, but I think the extra tax on them is a slap in the face to lefties. My registration cost $2,570 last year. For all the souls writing letters about big trucks paying their fair share -- we do.

The most honest and fairest way to come up with extra money is to raise the fuel tax. Gov Walker, who I support, is really missing the point on this issue. Everyone will pay their fair share -- big trucks, little cars and Illinois drivers. Everyone pays, and we all win.

Now we just need the governor to finally have the guts to make the call.

Zach Thennes, Madison